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Who is PowerHouse Studio?

Take Back the Power of your Skin

I have been working in this industry since 2016, and have been lucky enough to work in the esthetic field as an educator and a skin care specialist. My journey has led me to a passion of Corrective Skin Care, multicultural skin and the enjoyment that my guest's have, by taking back the power of their skin.  As an experienced Esthetician, I cater to my guest's needs, whether they are looking for hair removal or corrective facial needs. Take control of your skin and discover what you need to feel comfortable or just simply relaxed in your skin.

About: Services
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Signature Customized Facial

The Simple Benefits for You

Custom facials include all the benefits you need for your skin. It is the first step to repair your skin's barrier functions and the journey to healthy skin. It includes a deep cleanse, enzyme exfoliants, extractions, hydration and more. After a through skin analysis and consultation where we address the things that you want to address with your skin, we will dive into a customized facial treatment. Ideally you should book your facial every 28 days unless you are on a customized treatment plan, and commit to a homecare regimen. There is beauty in building a relationship with your Esthetician.

Signature Advanced Targeted Facial

Step Up Approach

If you are needing a more advanced approach to your skin care needs, this is what you need. Do not bother with having to decide what you need yourself, we will handle that process together. After your Signature Facial, we will move on to an advance targeted approach to address your concerns and accomplish your skin care goals. Those treatments include Dermaplaning, Microdermabrasion, Chemical Peels, Deep Exfoliations and Nano-channeling. Normally your appointment will include a combination of those treatments. In order to achieve your desired results you must commit to a series of 3-6 treatments and a home care regimen.

Professional Facial
Wax Appointment

Hair Removal

Hairless Options

Here at PowerHouse Esthetics we have few different options for hair removal. We offer Sugaring and Waxing. If you have sensitive skin and Waxing is not for you we also offer Sugaring. Sugaring has many good benefits including the ability to achieve permanency. Which means little to no hair regrowth. In order to achieve permanency you must commit to a series of treatments.

Southern Flower Facial

Vajacial "Brazilian Facial Treatment"

The Southern Flower Facial is a facial for the mons pubis or mound of your vagina area. There are 3 different treatment options; Cool & Calm for after hair removal, Full Bloom for 48 hours to 1 week after hair removal, and Re-Petal also 48 hours to 1 week after hair removal. The Cool & Calm treatment includes a detox, extractions and hydration. The Full Bloom treatments includes a deep cleanse, chemical exfoliation, hydrating mask, extractions, spot treatment, and hydration. Last but not least is our Re-Petal treatment which is a chemical peel specialized for your intimate area. The Southern Flower Treatment is not limited to the vaginal area, it is also beneficial to have similar treatments on the buttocks, underarm area, and the inner thighs.

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Virtual Skin Care Consultation

Online Skin Assessment

Let's talk skin. If you do not have the time to leave the house, or just simply do not want to leave the comfort of your space. Virtual Consultation is for you here at PowerHouse Esthetics we also offer at -home facial kits. We will get to the bottom of your skin care concerns, and your objectives to develop a plan that works for you. We will cover homecare, lifestyle, overall health, sleep patterns, stress, and other factors involving your skin's health. You will fill out and online assessment, take clear before and after photos to track progress, and most important commit to the homecare. You must commit to the change to maximize results for at least 6 months. Although most clients see results long before this time.

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