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Image by Kari Shea

Virtual Skin Care Consultation

Personal Touch

The Virtual Consultation gives everyone around the United States an opportunity to target their concerns whether or not if the can make it in the office for treatments. Once you've made the decision to book you Virtual Skin Care Consultation I instantly become your Skin Care Coach, and will dive into a plan that will help you achieve your goals. A few major keys to this relationship is communication and consistency. I will count on you to  keep me informed during your journey, with pictures and any comments or concerns that arise. This is a long-term relationship that will need your cooperation and consistence for a minimum of 6 months to achieve maximum results.

We will cover the amount of product needed, proper product applications and techniques.  You should never allow yourself to completely run out of products, replenish those items on my online store so that I can keep track of your skin's progress. It is also important to check in periodically to ensure we do not need to add or change anything. I will be managing your skin system long-term and helping you achieve your skincare goals as you Virtual Esthetician. Please discontinue all other products so that they do not interfere or delay or intended results. It is important that you purchase your recommended products thru PowerHouse Esthetics since there are so many unauthorized retailers on the internet, and there products can not be guaranteed.

Pre & Post Care

  • Email pictures of your freshly cleaned skin in good lighting

  • Complete the Intake Form

  • Read the policies pertaining to this service on the Policies Page

  • Fully Commit

  • Stay in contact including images

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