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Acne Boot Camp

Certified Face Reality Acne Specialist

Acne can be a worrisome skin condition that can be difficult to clear. Maybe you've tried everything in your local store, maybe you've even seen a dermatologist and the prescriptions are not cutting it. If you are feeling like you've tried everything and nothing is working for you PowerHouse Esthetics has the answer to clear your skin. Here at PowerHouse Esthetics we get to the root cause of your acne along with a customized treatment plan using Face Reality Skincare. Let's get into what to expect when you take the commitment to clear your acne.

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Acne Boot Camp Breakdown


Once you schedule the consultation you will complete an intake form and I will email you your Acne Bootcamp Guide. During your initial appointment you will complete a comprehensive questionnaire, and we will go over the Acne Guide together. We will discuss lifestyle factors, diet, medications, and other things that may contribute to your acne.

Initial Appointment

After we complete the consultation I will preform a Skin Sensitivity test to determine which treatment products would best suit your needs. Following the Sensitivity Test I will preform your first treatment in your journey to Healthy Acne free skin.

Not so Secret, Secret Weapon

What is the Secret Weapon? Homecare Products are the secret weapon to success. The program doesn't work unless you do, homecare is 80% of the answer to clear skin. It is also a mandatory part of the Acne Bootcamp Program. The Sensitivity test is used to determine which active ingredients will be used during your journey. Your Homecare will consist of 6-8 products, which will be the ONLY products you are to use during your journey. They are priced  between $160-$220. There will be detailed instructions on how to use your new products included in you Acne Guide

The Future

What happens after the initial appointment and the start of your Face Reality Homecare? The 20% of your clear skin success, and the boost you need to drive your goals. We will schedule an Acne Treatment every two weeks. During that time I will also adjust your homecare according to your skin's success. We will also use that time to discuss any questions comments, and/or concerns you may have.

Life After Bootcamp

What happens once the acne clears in *3-4 months time? We then shift the gears into maintenance. Which means adjusting your homecare to maintain the health of your skin, and also scheduling facials every 4-6 weeks. Although you do want to keep in mind that even though your skin is clear that does not give you the green light to return to the things that caused your skin to breakout.


  • Consultation w/ treatment $125 w/o treatment $70

  • Acne Treatment $85

  • Acne Treatment Series 3TX- $ 230 6TX- $ 420

  • Back Acne Treatment $90

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