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Hair Removal

Sugaring vs Waxing

There are several downsides to shaving, including razor burns, ingrown hair and hyperpigmentation If you're tired of the itching prickly feel you get after shaving, its definitely time for a change. Here at PowerHouse Esthetics I offer two different forms of hair removal, those methods include Sugaring and Waxing (Soft and Hard). There are a few things that set the two different hair removal methods apart, knowing the difference will help you choose which method is best for you. 


  • Sugaring paste is 100% natural= no skin irritation

  • Sugar paste is applied at body temperature & cannot burn your skin

  • Can remove hair at 1/16" long

  • Sugar does not adhere to live skin cells, therefore it does not cause damage to that particular area, and can be applied to an area more than once

  • Removes hair in the direction of hair growth, therefore is does not cause follicle damage which could lead to ingrown hair hair. It also causes the area of hair removal to last longer and with properly scheduled treatments leads to permanency


  • Wax is made of chemicals & resin that could be possible irritating to certain areas and skin types

  • Heated to temperatures warmer than average body temp

  • Some forms of wax adhere to live skin

  • Hair has to be at least 1/4" long in order to be removed

  • Faster regrowth and possible follicle distortion, which could lead to ingrown hair 

Pre & Post Care​

  • Exfoliate the area 48 hours before appointment

  • Stop the use of any topical steroids and exfoliating ointments/creams

  • Wear loose fitting clothing

  • Avoid tanning beds, saunas, exercising, exfoliating, sunbathing and sex for 24-48 hours after waxing appointment

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